Advantages of Artificial Rock Waterfalls Finally for the Home Owner

Advantages of Artificial Rock Waterfalls Finally for the Home Owner

April 22nd, 2016

How many of you are looking to implement some type of water feature for your home’s landscape? Our first avenue of researching a water garden is usually with a few quotes from a landscaper or garden designer. While the work is of excellent quality the mind set of materials for a water garden is what I feel is out dated. Materials like cement, plastic & rubber liners, injected molded plastic parts and finally real rocks to cover everything up to give it a real appearance. While this is just an alternative to many great water gardens it is not very user friendly for the homeowner, or maintenance easy and just could be a liability if selling your house. Our artificial rocks on the other hand give the home owner many advantages for easy and simple installation of many creative rock ponds and waterfalls. Impeccable for landscape designing for the backyard, garden, patio and swimming pool settings our decorative waterfalls are outstanding for the do it yourself home owner and neighborhood landscaper.


  1. Light weight properties: Easy to move, re-position, re-locate & portability
  2. Realistic beauty: Formulation of natural oxides that include sand and pulverized rock
  3. Excellent polymer combination of polyurea & polyethylene foam
  4. Polyurea a material use for endless industrial applications and is over 15 times stronger then EPDM rubber liners
  5. Polyethylene foam for light weight properties and holding form
  6. Simplicity and easiness to install while not absorbing a lot of your time for installation
  7. Time limited for maintenance issues and repair
  8. Saves major money from having one designed and labor cost
  9. No heavy equipment needed. Just a good garden shovel or two
  10. Unlimited landscaping creative designing
  11. No winterizing required for prefab rock ponds and waterfall rocks


  1. Let’s get hooked on water gardening!