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Accent & Bubbling

Enhance & Style Your Garden Landscape
with Our Beautiful Accent Bubbling Rocks

Looking for ways to improve your garden landscape? Here at Garden Gnomes Etc we carry sensational faux rocks that can offered either as an accent rock or a bubbling rock. Our accent rocks make excellent choices for the rock garden, flower bed or as a featured rock in the garden landscape. When ordered as a unique bubbling rock, the rock comes with a 1″ outlet to convert into a water fountain for a cool water garden effect.

Our Universal Rocks are an excellent way to design and customize your backyard landscape while hiding potentially unattractive objects. These beautifully designed rocks are all made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and made from real rock particles. All of our gorgeous rocks are molded from real rock formations showing off their beautiful crevices, cracks and rock layers. Our decorative faux rocks are simply as real as it gets, but without all the weight. We invite you to explore our different categories of artificial rocks and let’s start creating and having fun in the garden.

Creative landscaping & water garden ideas with accent bubbling rocks
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