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Unique & Fun Products & Services

Garden Gnomes Etc. carries a wide range of products and services to elevate your garden landscape. We can truly help take your outdoor space to the next level with our outdoor waterfalls and fountains, ponds, and specialty items. We invite you to browse through all that we have to offer. If you’re interested in something, check out our online store below!


There’s nothing like a water feature to add some excitement to your home’s landscape. We make adding a touch of magic possible with our breathtaking faux rock waterfalls.

Garden Waterfalls

Our garden waterfalls are perfect for many water garden designs. These beautiful rock waterfalls are custom made to fit our large assortment of garden and patio ponds. We have many spectacular waterfall rocks and preformed ponds for creating your own unique water garden oasis. Our backyard waterfalls are made from lightweight and solid synthetic materials. All of our pond waterfalls are molded from natural rock formations showing off their beautiful crevices, cracks, and rock layers.

Pool Grottos

Our pool grottos are professionally engineered and constructed, bringing endless creations to the backyard landscape. We carry four different size grottos with matching edge rocks to transform your swimming pool into a gorgeous tropical oasis. You can also use the top portion of the grotto rock for creating rock gazebos, porches, and rooftop waterfalls.

Pool Waterfalls

Our pool waterfalls are comprised of easy-to-install and exceptional DIY water features for your swimming pool setting. We carry so many creative possibilities with our swimming pool waterfalls, waterfall kits, and pool edge rocks for an oasis style landscape. Our waterfall products look so real without adding all the unnecessary cement and natural rocks that can add maintenance problems.


Are you looking to create a gorgeous water garden for the backyard landscape? Our decorative garden ponds are the perfect DIY family project.


Looking for a small feature that’s just right for the flower bed? We can help with our small garden ponds. Our small decorative ponds combined with one of our captivating waterfall rocks would make the perfect centerpiece for any flower bed type.


Our medium style garden ponds offer the most flexibility with all the different backyard ponds, creeks, and waterfalls for your creative taste. All of the preformed ponds make an excellent project for the whole family and the DIY garden enthusiast.


Our large ponds are designed for our larger style backyard waterfalls. The large patio pond is excellent for flat and level surfaces on your patio, deck, and courtyard and can even work in the garden landscape. Our decorative backyard pond will need a good size hole for installation and requires a larger garden spot. This pond is excellent for koi and other types of fish, along with all of our rock waterfalls, garden creeks, and spillway ponds.

Spillway Ponds

Creating your own water garden oasis can be as fun as it is rewarding. We carry decorative spillway ponds that overflow into other garden ponds. These spillway ponds are an excellent way of using our different modular artificial rocks for larger and creative style water gardens.

Patio Ponds

Our decorative patio ponds are a two-piece unit consisting of a pond body and a decorative collar for a stunning finished look. Our patio ponds come in three different custom sizes to fit any type of garden area on your patio, deck, or courtyard. These beautiful preformed ponds sit on top of the ground, so no digging is required. They can easily be set up on any flat and level area.


Looking to add a little creativity back into your backyard or garden landscape? We carry a wide array of beautiful faux rocks that are excellent for many areas of the garden landscape.

Accent & Bubbling Rocks

Our accent rocks make excellent choices for the rock garden, flower bed, or as a featured rock in the garden landscape. When ordered as a unique bubbling rock, it comes with a 1″ outlet to convert into a water fountain for an interesting water garden effect.


We have great artificial rock bases to give your fairy figurines and statues a start in a mystical garden setting. Our unique fairy garden containers are synthetic rock bases constructed from real rock formations.

Self-Contained Kits

Our bubbling rock self-contained kits come with everything you need to quickly set up your garden. The significant benefit from these kits is that no digging is required for the basin as it is all self-contained with a pump and tubing.

Specialty Rocks

When it comes to artificial rocks, our specialized blend of polymers can make the most unthinkable rock formations. Some examples include benches, rock coolers, rock walls, and planters!

Specialty Items

We love to share ideas of unusual backyard and garden decorations that will give your pond a spectacular look.


How spectacular would one of our artificial but realistic-looking alligators or crocodiles look floating with your water lily pads? Don’t forget about animals like frogs and turtles that love sunning themselves on floating logs! All of these floating animals make excellent hiding spots for koi and other pond fish.


We made different collections of sizes and combinations of our artificial accent rocks, floating logs, cypress stumps, and pot rocks for your different landscaping needs. These unique collections can be purchased with many of our swimming pool, patio, and garden pond waterfall kits.


Do you want to decorate your pond while making spots for your turtles and frogs to sun themselves? We carry fascinating artificial floating logs that won’t make your pond dirty. All of our fake tree logs are made from a synthetic material that is safe for your animals and fish. Our decorative logs are also an excellent way of hiding pumps and pump hoses.

Gnomes, Trolls, & Fairies

At Garden Gnomes Etc. we love the way garden gnomes, trolls, and fairies can enhance a backyard and add a little life to the landscape. No matter what size you’re looking for, we carry figurines made from plastic resin. We even offer life-size gnomes made from fiberglass.

Paintable Ceramics

Do you want to liven up your gardens and give your landscape a little personality and even a touch of fantasy? We carry unpainted garden gnomes, ready for your artistic side. Our whimsical friends come in many styles ranging from traditional gnomes with long pointy hats to the woodland gnomes that look somewhat grumpy, scary, and maybe a little rude.


Looking for some ideas for creating a fairy garden? We carry an assortment of fairy garden decor. These figurines are an excellent way to create your own personal fairy garden.


Garden Gnomes Etc. believes that a good fairy garden should start with a fairy house or cottage. We carry fairy garden houses that are unpainted ceramics.

Forest Friends

Ready to add a little fantasy or mythical powers to your gardens? We carry many unpainted figurines and ceramic sculptures to complete a specialized fairyland garden.

Animals & More

  • Alligators
  • Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Dragons
  • Frogs
  • Hedgehogs
  • Ladybugs
  • Pixies
  • Snails
  • Toads
  • Tree Ents
  • Turtles
  • Mushrooms
  • Rocks

Colorfalls & Lighting

Take your outdoor space up a notch with excellent colorfalls and lighting. We have outstanding outdoor lighting and color-changing colorfall ideas that will significantly enhance your nighttime experience.


Our Alpine LED spotlights contain many color combinations that can be used as submersible underwater lighting or merely lighting up statues and water fountains around the yard.

Atlantic Water Garden

The Atlantic Water Garden color-changing LED waterfall, combined with our complete colorfalls basin kit, makes a one-of-a-kind pondless water feature. This colorfall comes in four different sizes to fit your special water garden attraction.

Other Products We Carry

  • Pumps
  • Fountains
  • Rain Chains
  • Wind Spinners
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