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Self Contained

Self-Contained Pond Kits with Waterfalls
for a Sparkle of Magic

Looking for charming self-contained pond kits with waterfalls that’s both simple and quick to install? Here at Garden Gnomes Etc, may we suggest our lovely self-contained pond waterfall units.This fascinating pond and waterfalls is molded together for an easy installation for patios and around the landscape of your home. Our spectacular waterfall kits are open on the back and are designed to rest against fences, trellises and walls. These decorative waterfall ponds need to be place on a flat and level surface for optimal water display, then add water and plug in for a cool water garden experience. Waterfalls make outstanding water feature attractions for family gatherings and great for soothing and relaxing sounds of a captivating waterfalls.

Our beautifully designed backyard waterfall kits are all-in-one-units that are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and made from real rock particles. All of our gorgeous rocks are molded from real rock formations showing off their beautiful crevices, cracks and rock layers. All of our waterfall kits are excellent for the diy enthusiast looking to create a simple water garden. Click here to view all other pond supplies we have!

Create your water garden with our easy to do self contained pond kits

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