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Premium Pool Grottos to Create Epic Waterfall
Upgrades for Backyard Ponds and Swimming Pools

Our pool grottos professionally engineered and constructed brings endless creations to the backyard landscape. We carry four different size grottos with matching edge rocks for transforming your swimming pool into a gorgeous tropical oasis. The rock grotto brings one awesome center piece to your water garden landscape to give your garden pond a spectacular looking setting. The top portion of the grotto rock can also be used for creating unbelievable rock gazebos, porches and roof top waterfalls.

Looking for advantages of our custom engineered swimming pool grotto? The look is as real as it gets as we capture real rock formations that uses natural oxides for the surface coating. Polyurea a very tough industrial polymer is a plastic coating with incredible tensile strength and light weight properties taking a 15 ton rock formation to just 400 pounds.

Check out our pool grotto and add a natural-looking custom touch
to your garden landscape water features at GardenGnomesEtc today!

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