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Sunset Grove Grotto


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This grotto price includes driveway delivery


Our new Sunset Grove grotto waterfalls was designed for the swimming pool budget while being extremely easy to install. This spectacular beauty is easier to install and much lighter that our other pool grotto models. This new grotto is only offered in the 4′ height.

PLANTS SHOWN ABOVE ARE ONLY OPTIONAL: “not included in main kit”

Our Boston fern and Sprengerii bush both excellent outdoor UV artificial plants perfect for filling in the spaces between the edge rocks and waterfall while adding some greenery. The Fern is approx 39” x 30” and is very heavy duty while the Sprengerii is 40” x 20”.

  1. One piece units offered
  2. Optional side rocks and steps offered
  3. Total length from left side rock to right side rock approx. 160″ long
  4. Back to front approx. 75″
  5. Waterfall approx. 300 lbs & side rocks and steps approx. 20 to 30 lbs each
  6. 47″ tall
  7. Sunset grove hangs over coping approx. 18″
  8. You will need at least 3 people better yet 4 to carry and install waterfall

















Left to right: Arizona Brown, American Grey, Castle Rock










  1. Comes in three colors
  2. Castle Rock contains brown
  3. Coloration will vary from each rock