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Mysterious Looking Funny People Claiming to be Garden Gnomes

Looking to create a little magic or fantasy for your garden or yard. Here at Garden Gnomes Etc., we carry unpainted garden gnomes just waiting for you to customize and paint to fit your unique garden theme. These funny garden gnomes can also be personalized to be devious, grumpy and rude while frolicking around your yard. Quite often young artist paint our ceramic gnomes to look like Emo and Zombie gnomes that look rather scary and creepy. Our paintable garden gnomes are excellent as statues or figurines for the flowerbed or rock garden setting while adding a touch of mystery. We think these gnomes are just funny the way they show up to the garden with their watering cans, wheelbarrows, shovels and picks thinking that they can be of some help.

Paint your own gnome with a serious attitude

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