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Colossal Vertical Waterfall Rock Formations
for a Spectacular Water Garden

Looking for a main feature or attraction for your garden Landscape? Our tall vertical waterfalls could be an excellent center piece for an unbelievable water garden. Our gorgeous artificial vertical waterfalls come in two breathtaking sizes and make an eye-catching rock formations that’s designed to mount against the sides of walls, fences and other large garden structure. These beautiful landscaping waterfalls are designed for our larger sized prefab rock ponds.

Our backyard waterfalls are an excellent way to design and customize your very own tropical water garden oasis. These beautiful waterfalls are all made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and made from real rock particles. All of our gorgeous rocks are molded from real rock formations showing off their beautiful crevices, cracks and rock layers. We invite you to explore our different categories of artificial rocks and let’s start creating and having fun in the garden.

Turn your backyard pond waterfalls into a magical and enchanted water feature for your night time pleasure with our cool underwater pond lights, foggers and fountains. Add our funny garden gnomes, yard trolls and other enchanting statues for a mysterious, fantasy, and whimsical style garden.

Turn your beautiful waterfalls into a magical water garden

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