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Beautiful Pool Waterfalls For Creating an Easy-to-do Oasis for Your Swimming Pool Setting

Our pool waterfalls comprises of very easy-to-install and exceptional do-it-yourself water features for your swimming pool setting. Here at Garden Gnomes Etc., we carry so many creative possibilities with our swimming pool waterfalls, waterfall kits and pool edge rocks for an oasis style landscape. The swimming pool waterfalls are made up of our main featured waterfall rock while the kit is accompanied with matching edge rocks for the total rock experience. Also, creating your own pool paradise, our exciting edge rocks can be implemented to any of our pool waterfalls to accomplish your required water feature size. Our waterfall products look so real without adding all the unnecessary weight of cement and real rocks that typically add maintenance problems.

Pick up one of our pool waterfalls for an unbelievable tropical style oasis for your pool landscape today!

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