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DIY Backyard Waterfalls to Create Dynamic, Inviting, and Tranquil Water Features in Your Outdoor Living Spaces

With our more than 75 premium quality DIY backyard waterfalls and pond & waterfall kits, it’s easy to create the perfect custom stand-alone or combination water feature to transform your outdoor living spaces into a personalized private paradise. Whether you’re looking to add a gorgeous waterfall to your swimming Pool or create a self-contained waterfall feature in the middle of your garden, we carry all the most popular pool waterfalls and combination kits in a wide variety of natural-looking designs. With the addition of edge rocks, you can truly bring the look and feel of naturally flowing and trickling water to your outdoor living spaces. Our massive grotto’s can be used for both pool and garden settings, while the top rocks have many creative uses by itself. The realistic designs of these backyard waterfall successfully mimic nature, as castings are painstakingly taken from real rock formations resulting in exceptional detail including deliberate weathering and erosion sculpted into the designs.

All of our waterfalls are easy-to-install and are perfect Do-It-Yourself projects for families. These backyard waterfalls are perfect for landscapers, builders, and pool contractors looking to give their customers that extra special water feature.

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Get any of our decorative backyard waterfalls to add epic natural-looking
water features to your yard or garden today!

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