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Funny Gnomes in my Garden, Yard & Even on My Lawn

Garden gnomes to many people who love these little guys think of them as being whimsical, devious, funny, and even cute. These funny gnomes make excellent statues and decorations for outside gardens and yard landscapes. However for the few that might not be very found of the garden gnome think of them as being evil, scary, weird, creepy and down right rude. Then there’s those of us who exploit the garden gnome and make zombie and skeleton gnomes that at best would be good for a Halloween laugh or two.

Here at Garden Gnomes Etc, we like the garden gnome and the way these little guys can enhance our backyard and add a little life to the landscape. Whether your looking for small or large gnomes we carry some rather cool cheap garden gnomes made from plastic resin and unique life-size gnomes made from fiberglass. These funny garden gnomes for sale make great gifts for family, relatives and friends.

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Create fantasy for your gardens with our frolicking garden gnomes
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