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Funny Ceramic Rock Statues for a Cool Rock Garden

Looking for something funny and goofy for the flowerbed? Here at Garden Gnomes Etc., we have some rather goofy garden rocks that would make very cool statues for a rock garden setting. These funny looking ceramic rocks are unpainted ceramic figurines and would very much like to be part of your garden. We have a problem though, were looking for a young crafter who would love to splash some paint and make these cool rock figurines part of the garden. These rock statues all come with funny names like Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil and even Curley and Moe, but need a rock garden to take residence in. We’re looking to have a painted personality that will eventually land us in some cool garden setting or possibly as a cool garden gift.


Rock sculptures looking for hobbyists or craftsters to bring them to life

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