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Make Your Own Creepy Backyard Rock Unpainted Ceramic Figurines



Hi, my name is Moe and I’m a make your own creepy backyard rock unpainted ceramic figurines. I love rock gardens and I promise to bring some life to your other rocks. I like to goof around a little so don’t be surprised if I stick my tongue out at you when you’re passing by. When I’m sitting, I’m 5″ tall, 6 1/2″ wide, and 7″ deep, and I weigh about 1.25 pounds. I’m here for your creativity and I am ready to be painted. Be a creative artist as I’m a great activity for individuals, groups or parties. I’m suitable for children, adults, and seniors of all ages who dare to bring me to life. Inexpensive indoor and outdoor water-base acrylic paints are readily available at all craft stores.

Creepy Backyard Rock Dimension:
* 5″ tall
* 6 1/2″ wide
* 7″ depth
* Weight: 1.25 lbs.

Creepy Backyard Rock Features:
* Made from clay
* Fired ceramics
* Create with paints or gluing buttons, coins, sequences, glitter, patches or fabric
* Paint using your own acrylic stains (craft stores)
* Spray your own clear gloss or matte finish (craft stores)
* Easily touch up when needed
* Great activity for all children, adults and seniors
* Excellent activity for individuals, parties and groups
* Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs