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Rain Chains

Garden Rain Chain Art for Outdoor Home Décor

Rain can sometimes be depressing, but here at Garden Gnomes we would like the opportunity to brighten up rainy days with our decorative rain chains. In store, we carry a superb collection of beautiful rain chains cups that gracefully carry the rain flow down from your roof. The soothing sounds of water are very relaxing and meditative as if it were a bubbling brook or waterfall. Watch as rain spirals down each of its stylish rain cups and spills into our rain chain basins.

For rain chain lovers residing in geographical areas with low rain fall or looking for a unique idea rather than a gutter rain chain downspout, we suggest making a rain chain fountain. Rain chains are easy to hang from your patio, gazebo, or tree; just add a water basin, small pump, and tubing. Now, you’re ready for rain chain enjoyment despite your weather conditions.

Make rainy days more enjoyable with rain chains from

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