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Basket & Glass Metal Art Copper Rain Chains


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Our basket & glass metal art copper rain chain mixes the art of glass and copper together for a beautiful rain chain. This one-of-a-kind rain chain uses glass for the grape and leaf accents while pure copper strips are woven like a real basket. While the basket is made from pure copper and the grapes and leaves are of real glass the frame of these breathtaking rain cups is stainless steel. Our rain chains are easy to assemble with arch wires that link the rain cups together. Our decorative garden sculptures will certainly add copper art to any gutter downspout that overhangs your garden landscape. Custom sized rain chains are available by adding additional rain cups to your desired length.

EXCELLENT IDEAS: All of are gorgeous rain chains can be turned into exquisite water fountains. Simply by hanging from a tree, trellis or patio and using a fancy basin and pump.

Rain Chain Dimensions:

  • Cup width: 3 “
  • Cup height: 3 7/8″
  • Bottom opening: 1 1/8″
  • Standard length: 8′
  • Number of cups: 14

Rain Chain Downspout Key Points:

  • Made from pure copper & glass
  • Simple assembly
  • Decorative Garden Rain Art
  • Beautiful copper patina with age
  • Comes with a V-hook for easy installation
  • Comes with a gutter attachment piece

Suggested Installation Kit for your rain chain. This is the transition piece between your gutter and your rain chain. This would be needed if you have just a hole in your gutter and no flange, spout or outlet tube. Option comes in either 3″ or 6″ kits.


Our Anchor stakes are a perfect way to secure your rain chain to the ground. Comes with both a straight or screw type anchor that can be hammered into the ground. Total length is 11 1/2 inches which includes a short section of unfinished light copper chain,


Customizing your length on your rain chain is $15.00 per additional foot. Leave a note when ordering anything over 16 feet. This will be calculated at $15.00 per foot when order is processed.



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Weight 10 lbs