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Garden Gnomes Etc., Presents Videos
Something a lot Better Than just a Picture

Ever take a gamble and buy a product from only a picture? Here at Garden Gnomes Etc., we feel that many outstanding products are in fact overlooked and people are very hesitant on buying from just a lackluster product picture. I decided to invest in many of my products that I have at Garden Gnomes Etc., and put them to work in some rather exciting display gardens. These videos are to bring some of our very beautiful products to life but help you understand them more clearly and what they can do for you. Some of the videos can be for our artificial rocks and the many types of swimming pool waterfalls, backyard prefabricated ponds, garden waterfall rock formations and bubbling rocks which even the best picture can’t show their spectacular beauty. We will dive in and look at pond foggers, underwater LED lights and gorgeous rain chains just for people looking for a unique water garden or backyard fountain. Don’t forget an occasional video on our whimsical gnomes, trolls and other unique unpainted ceramic figurines just waiting to turn your gardens into a magical fantasy garden oasis. We will also look at why garden wind spinners and outdoor wind chimes are so valuable for the total make up of a gorgeous garden setting.



Turn Your Artificial Rocks into a Spectacular Rock Formation
with Bubbling Waters & Led Lights

How many of you really know how to use accent rocks in a way to make a focal point or center piece for your home’s landscape. Here at Garden Gnomes to many accent rocks are used in non eventful ways which in a polite way is saying boring. So if it is boring, what’s the use of doing it if it goes unnoticed after the initial install. Our very creative decorative rocks are designed to make many cool creations including unique rock gardens and featured artificial rocks for the water garden along with many other landscaping projects around your home’s landscape. What makes these awesome accent rocks and bubbling rocks so spectacular is they are light weight making them very easy to move, relocate and even recreated when needed.

Garden waterfall’s awesome seasonal electrical hook up
for waterfall pumps, lights & fog

Here is a sweet way to control your waterfall pumps with a water proof enclosure, timer and photo cell to turn your LED pond waterfall lights and foggers off for the night when your sleeping. This is a nice seasonal hookup that could be made permanent with PVC conduit pipe and the correct size electrical wire.


Awesome Bubbling Rocks Perfect for the Rock Garden Setting

Looking for the perfect one of a kind centerpiece for your rock garden. Here at Garden Gnomes Etc we carry very specialized artificial rock formations that feature beautiful accent rocks as very cool bubbling rocks. We have different styles, shapes and sizes to choose from that make these incredible accent rocks the perfect bubbler rocks for many creative uses for your home’s landscape.

Gorgeous Rock Pond Waterfalls for the Absolute Perfect Patio Centerpiece

Here at Garden Gnomes Etc we have a pretty cool idea for you. We carry spectacular artificial rocks made from real rock formations of rock ponds and waterfalls designed for your outdoor patio landscape. These outstanding patio pond waterfall kits come in three different sizes and a multitude of waterfall designs just waiting for your creativity. Add a special touch of a tropical paradise or an chanted theme of funny gnomes and trolls.


Awesome Patio Rock Pond Waterfall Kits for the Moonlight Stars