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Self Contained Kits

Easy to Set Up Self Contained Bubbling Rocks for Bird Baths, Fairy Gardens, Patio, Pool & Garden Landscapes

Looking for some creative artificial rocks to easily install around your home’s landscape? Here at Garden Gnomes Etc., we have some incredible decorative rock formations designed just for enhancing and adding something really special and unique for any aspect of your landscape that include your patios, gardens, flowerbeds and pools. Our bubbling rock self contained kits come with everything you need to easily set up your own special garden wether its a fairy garden, bird bath or even a cool enchanted Halloween rock in combination with a fogger. The major benifit from these cool water garden kits is that no digging is require for the basin as it is all self contained with a pump and tubing. Don’t forget the number one use of these gorgeous bubbling rocks and that’s your rock gardens, water gardens & flower beds.

Put your garden rocks to work with our specialized bubbling rocks

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