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Small Artificial Rock Accent Bubbling Kit Self Contained


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This self contained bubbling rock kit price includes driveway delivery

This gorgeous artificial rock is our smallest bubbling rock formation that is now offered as a self contained kit. What that means is that our one of a kind water bubblers comes complete with a very unique realistic garden rock, basin, very small pump and enough tubing for a continues water flow. As shown in our video below this decorative faux rock can be used for many cool applications. Our small bubbling rocks are 12″ high and makes an interesting volcano rock when used in combination with a small fogger with LED lights. Also by hooking the pump to either under side outlet we can create a very miniature waterfall rock for a fairy garden or an outstanding bird bath for you nature lovers. Don’t forget about the number one creative use and that is a really cool water feature for rock gardens, patios, decks and of course flowerbeds. For those who what to add something really cool to your patio or swimming pool waterfalls a super fogger can be use with this incredible faux rock for an interesting display of fog and lighting.

These decorative rocks are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that makes these rocks look as real as it gets but with out all the weight. One of the major benefits over real rocks is that they are very easy to reposition and even relocate. Also all of our faux rock and boulders are molded from real rock formations showing off their beautiful crevices, cracks and rock layers.



  • 18″ Length
  • 18″ Wide
  • 12″ High
  • Approx. weight: 7 lbs


  • Universal rocks are made from real rock particles, sand & natural oxides
  • Molded from real rock formations
  • Light weight and are easy to reposition or relocate
  • Excellent for water gardens, rock gardens, flower beds and other exciting backyard garden landscaping ideas
  • Ships UPS ground
  • Shipping included in price of the kit


  1. Artificial rock
  2. Small pump
  3. Plastic container for basin
  4. Tubing for pump and outletsOur self contained bubbling rock kits can be use as bird baths, fantasy fairy gardens, magical rocks for swimming pools & Patios or just a decorative rock for your special garden or flowerbed.