Creative Patio & Swimming Pool LED Light & Pond Fogger Ideas

One area of weakness in the water gardens I feel is that lack of lighting for many backyard waterfalls especially pertaining to the patio and swimming pool landscape setting. In our video we show some sweet ideas of using LED lights and ultrasonic pond misters with our accent rocks and self contained bubbling rock kits that can be the answer to add enjoyment for mornings and evenings. With our swimming pool waterfalls, accent rocks and self contained accent bubbling rocks are easily position around the back of the pool waterfalls to add further dimension not only as decorative touch but a way to incorporate tropical plants as well. With the addition of accent rocks, plants and flowers LED lights and fog are easily set up for the ultimate display. The same can be easily set up with our patio pond garden waterfalls since our accent rocks and self contained bubbling rocks require no digging and are very easy to position