Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Exterior

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Exterior

April 10th, 2019

Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home Exterior

By: Cat Murphy

Creating a backyard that you can be proud of is essential when spending time in the outdoor living areas of your home. Many homeowners enjoy adding touches to their outdoor areas that will create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for all. Updating your outdoor living spaces doesn’t have to be hard with a just a few simple changes or additions to make it become a place of enjoyment.

Add Some Color

Get out some old paint and a paintbrush. Adding vibrant colors here and there throughout the outdoor living space will help draw attention to your home and give a sense of new life to the area. Consider painting your front door along with a few of the wood pieces of outdoor furniture that need refreshing. Other options include painting pots for favorite plants as well as trim around windows and doors. Choosing to brighten up an area with a layer of paint can go a long way in improving your exterior.

Install A Rain Chain

Gutters are slowly being replaced by rain chains in many areas around the country. Rain chains not only help to direct rainfall but also add a unique element to an exterior space. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors and help to add interest as well as a hint of art to a home. Consider choosing a copper rain chain that will slowly patina over time giving a unique quality to your home that can’t be mass produced.

Create an Oasis with a Waterfall

There are a number of inexpensive DIY home waterfall kits on the market right now.  A waterfall in a corner of your backyard adds serenity. If you’ve got a pool, it’s even easier to install a waterfall for that perfect backyard oasis.  Choose from a wide variety of choices with different colors and sizes options to create the perfect fit for your existing pool area. You can also add the ambiance of water to your yard with an artificial pond. 

Choose Native Plants

Adding  native plants to the yard is easy and inexpensive.  Plants that commonly thrive in your region don’t need much watering or care.  You’ll find them in cultivated gardens and in local wooded areas where you can easily grab a clipping.  Native plants can be easily added to your garden beds but can also be grown in pots to add extra interest and depth to the landscape. Consider choosing a wide variety of native trees, shrubs, and flowers to create a balance around your home.

Fun Seating Options

Hammocks are quickly becoming more popular among homeowners who are looking for a comfortable and nap-inducing spot to enjoy the outdoors. They can be permanently installed in an outdoor space but can also be taken down to make room for guests. Hammocks don’t require too much space and are fun for kids and adults. Consider a hammock chair as another option.

Transforming your outdoor living area doesn’t have to be hard. Just adding a few of these options will help to create a new look to your home’s exterior as well as provide an excuse to spent more time outdoors. Try any of these easy ways to refresh your home exterior to revamp your home’s outdoor living spaces.

Cat Murphy is a gardening and landscaping writer, and outdoor extraordinaire. She enjoys cooking for family and friends and going on long hikes anywhere and everywhere in nature.