Garden Gnomes Etc Introduction of Everything Waterfalls

I’d like to take the time to introduce Everything Waterfalls the ultimate waterfalls experience and outdoor display garden of Garden Gnomes Etc. When I first started Garden Gnomes Etc., I fell in the same trap as many other websites do and that’s offering everything just to make a buck. A cheap wannabe Walmart or Kmart store is what I thought. With over 45 years of water garden experience and 30 years of plastic fabrication and polymer blending and making, I can offer so much more with my knowledge base. While having a water garden with over 4000 rocks, 12 liners, 14 waterfalls, 6 pumps, a spring and bog, while being very beautiful it’s unfortunately a maintenance disaster and not at all a good choice for the homeowner. While I enjoyed being part of the Flintstones and playing Fred and Barney at Bedrock, real rocks don’t offer user friendliness, maintenance easy or have any advantages of artificial rocks. Our artificial rocks make incredible landscaping creative designing with custom accent rocks, rock ponds and spectacular waterfalls for the backyard, garden, patio, swimming pool and beyond.

One thing that separates me from a many others selling pond and waterfalls is that my products must be perfect to make my personal landscape. I have to be my number one customer before I can even think about having you. Too many people sell and do not live what they promote and I call them sales. I am picky as I do think, dream and live waterfalls for the backyard, garden, patio and swimming pool landscapes 24/7. My dad always said I had a rock between my ears but I feel before one can do the talk he had better do the walk. I invite you now to hike over to EVERYTHING WATERFALLS the real outdoor showroom of spectacular beauty where a waterfalls is now available to make the water garden of your dreams.