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Create Your Own Garden Mushroom Unpainted Ceramic Bisque Statues



Hi, we’re Fuzzy Foot and Shoe String and we’re the create your own garden mushroom unpainted ceramic bisque statues. We are the life of any garden party. One warning though, I think we’re poisonous so don’t eat us. We stand 7 1/4″ tall and are great neighbors with our rock friends. We are here for your creativity and are ready to be painted. Be your own creative artist as we’re a great activity for individuals, groups or parties. We’re suitable for children, adults, and seniors of all ages who dare to bring us to life. Inexpensive indoor and outdoor water-base acrylic paints are readily available at all craft stores.

Garden Mushroom Dimension:
* 7 1/4″H
* 7 1/2″W
* Weight: 1 lbs.

Garden Mushroom Features:
* Made from clay
* Fired ceramics
* Create with paints or gluing buttons, coins, sequences, glitter, patches or fabric
* Paint using your own acrylic stains (craft stores)
* Spray your own clear gloss or matte finish (craft stores)
* Easily touch up when needed
* Great activity for all children, adults and seniors
* Excellent activity for individuals, parties and groups
* Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs