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Funny Unfinished Ceramic Water Garden Pond Turtle Statue



Hello our names are Slopoke and Pokey and we are funny unfinished ceramic water garden pond turtle statues. We are 7 1/4″ tall, 10 1/2 long and weigh about 2.25 lbs. We are very slow moving turtles as you can see by our names. Pokey is the smart one as he rides piggyback all the time. We’re looking for a unique personality with different stylish colors so are you up for the challenge? Could you be the creative artist that could bring us to life for your garden setting? We’re a great activity for children and adults of all ages looking for a cool craft for holidays, events, parties or any type of gatherings. We also make an excellent gift for that special occasion. Beautiful indoor and outdoor water-base acrylic paints are available at most craft stores.

Please note: Photo is a representation from the mold company of the detail and an idea of what this item can look like when painted. This item is still ceramic bisque for you to paint and create however you would like.

Slopoke & Pokey Dimensions:
* 7 1/4″ tall
* 10″ long
* 6 1/2″ wide
* Weight: 2.25 lbs

Slopoke & Pokey Features:
* Made from clay
* Fired ceramics
* Create with paints or gluing buttons, coins, sequences, glitter, patches or fabric
* Paint using your own acrylic stains (craft stores)
* Spray your own clear gloss or matte finish (craft stores)
* Easily touch up when needed
* Great activity for all children, adults and seniors
* Excellent activity for individuals, parties and groups
* Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs