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Large Faux Rock Garden Waterfalls LEW-003-Med


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The rock waterfall price includes driveway delivery

Our large faux rock garden waterfalls (LEW-003-med) is a very popular and impressive waterfalls rock designed on a smaller scale to our (LEW-003) waterfalls. This captivating rock formation is also offered as a spectacular pool waterfalls for those looking for a cool centerpiece for the pool landscape. Also, this faux rock waterfalls boast of all the cool details of crevices, cracks and cascading water effects found in a real waterfalls. This beautiful waterfalls compliments the medI’m sized garden pond and is the featured waterfalls rock for our large patio pond. These artificial waterfall rocks are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and realistic. Our decorative waterfalls is perfect for the water garden enthusiast looking to create a water garden oasis that’s both easy and simple to install.


  1. All rock coloration’s are hand applied for a uniqueness for individual rock beauty. All four colors will vary somewhat from pictures.
  2. Customers are required to help unload & inspect before accepting product.
  3. The shipping cost of $325.00 is included in the price.
  4. The above video shows the LEW-003 Medium in display



  • 63″ Length  “left to right”
  • 44″ Wide   “front to back”
  • 27″ High  “top to bottom”
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Measurements & weights are only approx.
  • 1″ Barbed fitting for hose attachment


  • Universal artificial waterfall rocks are made from real rock particles
  • 950 gph pump recommended
  • Very easy to install (DIY)
  • Light weight and are easy to re-position or even relocate
  • Great for attracting wildlife
  • Outstanding featured attraction for day and night entertainment
  • Very affordable compared to professionally installed water features that consist of design work, heavy equipment, liner kits, expensive rocks & labor cost
  • Excellent for all of our medium to large garden ponds
  • Ships by Freight Truck
  • GET A DISCOUNT : Additional shipping discounts will apply to other artificial rock products such as rock ponds, floating products and faux rocks when combined with this waterfall


Left to right: Arizona Brown, American Grey,  Castle Rock


  1. Comes in three colors
  2. Castle Rock contains brown
  3. Coloration will vary from each rock