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Rain Chain Copper Corner Leaderhead Downspout


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Our rain chain corner leaderhead downspout is an excellent way to add outdoor sculptural copper art to homes without a gutter system. Easily mounts in the “valley” roof corners of your home where you have an excess of rain water. This rain chain leaderhead is made from pure copper and will develop a beautiful patina finish with age. A unique way to solve common drainage problems and an easy way to hang any of our decorative rain chains.


  • Overall height: 12″
  • Width across the front: 13 1/2″
  • Width of back sides: 9 1/2″ per side


Tapering from top to bottom:

  • Width across the front: 9 1/2″
  • Width of back sides: 6 1/2″ per side
  • Width of bottom opening: 2 1/8″



  • Designed to fit an inside 90-degree angle
  • Comes with a removable brass screen in the top to let water in and keep debris out
  • Made from pure copper
  • Easily hangs rain chains from house roof valleys with no gutter systems
  • Solves common roof drainage problems with the addition of decorative rain chains
  • Comes with an adapter tube to connect rain chain.


  • Outlet bolt & nuts to easily hang a rain chain
  • Four copper screws for keyhole-style holes for easy installation


Picture of leader head mounted with rain chain (comes with installation kit not shown)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs


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