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Square Hammered Rain Chain Copper Dish


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Our square hand hammered copper dishes make excellent decorative basins for many unique indoor and outdoor applications. This beautiful stylish dish is made from unfinished pure copper which will darken with age. Outstanding as a garden planter, table bowl or bird bath this copper basin is hand made and may very in its color and texture. Our exquisite copper dishes can also be ordered with a loop and filled with pebbles to secure any of our copper rain chains from wind conditions.


  • Length x width: 16″
  • Height: 3 1/2″



  • Material: Pure copper
  • Hand made
  • Decorative garden planter
  • Great for rain chains, unique planter or display bowl

This rain chain dish comes with two different options:

      1. Dish with center attachment loop-Outstanding for a water basin for attaching any of our decorative garden art rain chains. Comes with center loop and a section of chain for securing your rain chain from windy conditions. Add some weight with your favorite pebbles, marbles or colored glass.
      2. Dish without center loop-Super for a unique planter, table bowl for fruit, floral displays or container for decorative glass or pebbles.

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Weight 10 lbs