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Tahitian Large Swimming Pool Waterfalls Kit


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This pool waterfall price includes driveway delivery

Turn your swimming pool into a tropical water garden paradise with our grand “Tahitian” swimming pool waterfalls kits. This pool waterfall kit a three piece rock feature is awesome for pool gatherings as is for the relaxing and meditative sounds from its massive waterfalls. The Tahitian pool waterfall kit comes with a main waterfall feature and two matching edge rocks for an enormous length of 18 feet. This backyard pool feature and waterfalls kit comes with two 1.5 inch (40mm) water outlet fittings that can easily be hooked up to your existing pool pump.

These decorative waterfall rocks are made from a light weight, and extremely strong synthetic material that looks completely natural and realistic. Also, our pool water features are compatible with both *chlorinated and salt water pools. The Tahitian waterfall kits is to be an excellent addition to your outdoor or indoor pool decor, and will surely be the centerpiece of all your backyard get-together.

PLANTS SHOWN ABOVE ARE ONLY OPTIONAL: “not included in main kit”

Our Boston fern and Sprengerii bush both excellent outdoor UV artificial plants perfect for filling in the spaces between the edge rocks and waterfall while adding some greenery. The Fern is approx 39” x 30” and is very heavy duty while the Sprengerii is 40” x 20”.



  1. We have added cool product options for additional artificial rock collections and pond ideas to enhance your water garden pleasures. These are only optional and if not interest no action is required.
  2. All rock coloration’s are hand applied for a uniqueness for individual beauty. All four colors will vary somewhat from pictures.
  3. Make sure that the water-source feeding your waterfall can be shut off when doing a shock treatment as excessive levels of chlorine can cause slight discoloration of faux rocks.
  4.  Customers are required to help unload & inspect before accepting product
  5. Above video shows waterfall in display.
  6. VERY IMPORTANT: This waterfall is very top heavy and must be anchored to your pool deck or this waterfall will tip over








If a complete kit is not required,
take a look at our pool waterfalls
available without the edge rocks.





We offer professional phone consulting for your pool waterfall ideas…
Call us for questions and installation tips & information at 440-728-4564




  • Total Length (with edge rocks): 218 inches
  • Total Height (main feature): 45 inches
  • Total Weight: 222 lbs

Waterfalls only


  • 102″ Length  “left to right”
  • 53″ Wide  “front to back”
  • 43″ High  “top to bottom”
  • Weight: 143 lbs
  • Measurements & weight are only approx.

INSIDE DIMENSIONS:  “very rough estimated dimensions due to polyethylene foam process”

  • 90″ Length  “left to right”
  • 24″ Wide  “front to back”  (inside front edge to inside back of waterfalls)
  • Hoses not included


  • Constructed of polyurethane and a special blend of polyurea & real rock particles
  • Flexible material allows cutting for custom fit
  • Suitable for use in hot and/or cold environments
  • No winterizing required
  • Hand made and hand-colored so each piece is unique
  • Works with both chlorine controlled and salt water pools
  • Comes with two 1 1/2″ outlets
  • Includes shipping “non refundable on returns”


  • Check out our Universal Realistic Rock decorative garden accent rocks & boulders, in many sizes and shapes
  • Uniquely placed Water Feature Lighting brings night time excitement to any waterfall pool feature









Left Top:American Grey – Right Top: Arizona Brown
Left Bottom: Castle Rock – Right Bottom: Outback Sunset 




  1. Comes in three colors
  2. Castle Rock contains brown
  3. Coloration will vary from each rock

CLICK HERE for blog on colors




Individual Pieces: 

Main Waterfalls Rock
L 105″ x W 53″ x H 45″
Weight: 156 lbs


Edge Rock-008 
L 59″ x W 35″ x H 14″
Weight: 31 lbs

Edge Rock-009
L 54″ x W 38″ x H 20″
Weight: 35 lbs





Pick and choose any of the below optional only products and they ride free with the main water feature.












Pot Rock-003

Pot Rock-008

Pot Rock-011


Accent Rock-006

Accent Rock-011

Accent Rocks-020