Rock Waterfall & Pond Colorations

Rock Waterfall & Pond Coloration

November 21st, 2017

our artificial rock products are custom painted in four very beautiful color variations. Custom painting means that they are not cheaply mass produced by a machine but rather hand painted with powerful wands and huge air compressors by a waterfall artist so that no waterfall rock is ever duplicated. We have two gorgeous brown colors in Arizona Brown and Outback Sunset. Our two grey colors consist of a pretty American Grey and Castle Rock. While our rock products are castings from real rock formations the colors are formulated from natural oxides and are extremely tough to withstand the outdoor elements. Periodic cleanings from a power washer can easily clean our artificial rock formations.


  1. Pictures below are just a sample of the color and will very from rock to rock.
  2. The outback sunset is no longer available.
  3. The Castle Rock varies from the American Grey with the addition of brown.
  4. While all of our pool and pond waterfall and ponds come in the brown coloration some are not offered in grey.
  5. Just remember for pools a waterfall with contrasting color is far better than matching a pool deck of blue, green and pink.


Left to right: Arizona Brown, American Grey, Castle Rock


  1. Comes in three colors
  2. Castle Rock contains brown
  3. Coloration will vary from each rock