The Maldives Swimming Pool Waterfalls Quick Hook-up

The Maldives Swimming Pool Waterfalls Quick Hook-up


Looking to add a tropical water garden to your pool’s landscape? Our swimming pool waterfall kits are a simple and inexpensive way to add a touch of the tropics to your backyard and pool landscape.

While new pool construction is easy to plan and incorporate the necessary plumbing and valving for a pool waterfalls what about an existing pool? Well a customer of mine has a solution for all pool owners who either didn’t include the waterfalls plumbing in their new pool or even an owner of an older pool who would love the idea of a gorgeous pool waterfalls for their in-ground pool.

Steve and I found solutions for installing his Maldives waterfalls kit to his pool, but all were to costly and would create a real eye-sore and even a tripping hazard. Since Steve’s pool pump was located across the pool from is pool waterfalls the thought of piping and using flexible hose was out of the question. The idea of mounting a horizontal pump with a foot valve and hiding under his waterfalls was very expensive plus there was no electrical hook-up for the pump. Steve came up with the 20-20-slam dunk hook-up.

What does the 20-20-slam dunk mean for a pool waterfalls hookup? It cost less than $20 for the adapter hose assembly and less than 20 minutes to install. It’s easy and inexpensive for a “slam dunk” installation. If you don’t care for a white hose substitute for a clear.

Turning your pool landscape into a tropical paradise is not only easy and fun but it’s an easy do-it-yourself family project. Our stunning pool waterfall rock formations along with the addition of tropical flowers and unique pool statues is all it takes for a tropical garden oasis.

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